Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Crib

Joshua has finished Gideon's crib and it is beautiful!!!!! We got to move it into Gideon's room and put the mattress in today. So now I just need to make a crib skirt and a bumper pad. But we let Gideon check it out for a little bit today and he seemed to enjoy having so much room and having bars that he could look thru and see what was going on. He laid there and laughed and talked! We can hear him from our room with both our doors open, so that's good. The bed has giraffe's etched into that front boards--it is kind of hard to see on the picture but it looks cute. Also the front panel removes to transform into a toddler bed, not sure that we will be able to use that for long before another sibling comes along...haha...but we shall see!

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