Monday, March 8, 2010

Pruning and Preparing for Spring

We are super excited that spring is coming soon and since the weather is just delicious outside and we couldn't resist being out there today we worked on some projects. We pruned our grape vines that are quite out of control and tied them to the fence. We have three areas that have vines. Some are quite old so we got rid of those vines and helped the new ones. Last year we got no grapes though we thought we were going to they all spoiled. We are hoping for a good crop this year. Then Joshua worked on Gideon's crib--he will soon be sleeping in that in his own room, once the weather stays warm. We also are planning out our garden...lots of tomatoes so we can make a ton of salsa!!!! I think I will make a can for each week of the year as we go thru about that much and I use it in a good deal of my cooking. Hope everyone else is enjoying the gorgeous weather as well!


  1. This weather is indeed amazing! :-) I hope your grapevine starts to bear for you. What a blessing it would be to have the fruit of the vine!!

    The salsa idea sounds wonderful! I think we're going to try raised bed gardening this year. I also want a LOT of tomato plants. Already gathering supply for autumn canning. :-)

    Enjoy the lovely weather and kiss that sweet baby for me!

  2. Yes the weather is beautiful! And PERFECT for working outside... or even opening the widows to let in a little fresh air!