Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Cutie Pie

Well i thought it was time for an update, we have been a busy little family this past weekend but hopefully this week will be a little calmer...but who knows maybe not! I have been working on curtains for a friend of mine who is having twin girls and I have had lots of fun. Below is a picture of the valance that I has inspired me to do more sewing for our house!

We had a family outing yesterday of getting our passport pictures taken! That was fun...especially on such a yucky rainy day. But we have them now and we have Gideon's birth certificate!!!!! Yay! So now we move onto starting the application process.

Gideon has been chewing on everything, definitely starting to teethe which is fun! He also loves to play with toys now and yesterday at Church he was so good during all three services--either sleeping or playing pretty quietly--nobody minds sweet baby noises. He also has been sitting up a lot when we put him in that position against something, he doesn't do it for long on his own but he can.

We went to Tech and Joshua figured out what classes he wants to take this fall and found out what his work will be like during the week as well, although we won't have a schedule till right before school starts...

Gideon has started sleeping through the night on occasion all by himself which has been delightful for me! He only gets up once in the night if he doesn't sleep thru the night so it isn't too bad. Soon he will be moving to his own room where he will be sleeping thru the night. But he is a wonderful baby and we love him soooo much!!!

Sitting in Daddy's seat in the car while we were waiting for him!

Sucking those fingers, his favorite thing to do!


  1. *siiiigh* I love the picture of him sitting in Joshua's seat in the car. Tooo precious! :)

  2. Oops, I've gotten behind on reading your posts! The crib is beautiful, and I'm so glad y'all got to go to a dance! How fun! And those valances are beautiful! Your friend will be so happy to get them! :-)