Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Boy

So Gideon has celebrated his first birthday with quite the birthday party! He had family out from both sides so we had about 25 people come out and we had a nice picnic over at the picnic shelter in our park that is right behind our house. (It is great because we can use it anytime it's not reserved!) We had lots of food, people and great gifts for the Birthday boy! It was great to catch up with everyone. Gideon couldn't quite wait for his party to get into his cupcakes, he had to sample it the night before when he reached up and grabbed a bite from one of them on the edge of the table! He was adorable! But it made him more cautious to dig into his birthday one at his party...once he realized it was okay he had a blast! And made a wonderful blue mess all over us both! He got some adorable clothes, great books, trucks, stacking cups, blocks and a dinosaur! He sure is having fun playing with his toys

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