Monday, October 25, 2010

Cat Story...

So last Wednesday night when we got home we didn't see our new cat but that wasn't too unusual. She has become quite a part of the family and LOVES people but sometimes she is all curled up somewhere sleeping. She has become quite the mouser too, she has killed two mice, a shrew and almost a bird but I rescued that. Her name is Betsy Trotwood (from David Copperfield) but we call her Trot. She gets along great with Gideon and they both love to play together. So anyway, on Thursday I went out to feed her and she still wasn't around and I started to get concerned. All throughout the day I went out and called for her with no finally I decided I was going to have to go look by the road, I started to think that maybe she had gotten eaten by something or run over by a car. But when Joshua got home he brought a flyer from our neighbors in that said they had found a kitten. I of course called and told them to bring our kitty back! She was so apologetic but didn't know we had a cat and had felt sorry for it all at night and so they had kept it in their house so it wasn't able to come home. Of course Trot loves being on a nice warm bed so I'm sure she enjoyed her stay but we sure did miss her. She is happy to be back home and stays around mostly but I'm so glad that she is a little hunter! We needed that!

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  1. Aw! She's adorable! I'm glad you got her back! :) -Rachel