Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gideon's First Birthday

Well this isn't exactly the day you want to be sick but that is just what happened. Gideon has a cold and poor thing did his best to be cheerful today but he just didn't feel well. Some fun things from the day however are:

*Gideon knows how to blow his nose and wipe it with a cloth
*Gideon loved being sung happy birthday to on the phone and would listen and smile
*Gideon was very snuggly due to his being sick

He still put on his best smile for a couple pictures from his first birthday and tried to ham it up with his passy. But as you see he has a runny nose and is a little flushed...thankfully we aren't celebrating his birthday till next Saturday so that should give him plenty of time to get well to really enjoy his first chocolate cupcake and all the people!

Gideon is definitely getting around now--he took his first couple steps last week but since then he has stayed safely on someones finger or furniture...he climbs on things, pulls stuff off of surfaces and walks or crawls where ever he needs to go. He is learning to go to the bathroom on his potty chair--not strictly but when I can catch him going. He is learning how to make adorable sounds and mimic things we do with our mouth. His little Uncle Benjamin taught him how to spit. He is about ready for his first haircut. He had his pictures taken at Sears this week and they are adorable. And Gideon loves our cat Trot...he is doing so many new things it is hard to keep up with but we sure do love our little boy!

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