Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time for Holiday Cards

I don't know about you but holidays are coming up so I've started thinking about getting our family picture and sending out cards to all our friends and letting them know what we are up to. I especially love getting family pictures from other people so its fun sending out our own. Shutterfly has some amazing holiday photo cards and I love looking through all of my options and finding exactly what I'm looking for! When Gideon was born I had a blast looking through their birth announcement cards I love how you have the variety to choose how many pictures you want on the card, special colors or messages and of course it comes with envelopes! Also you can order amazing stickers with your picture on it to put on the envelope to make the card exciting even for the mailman! So I've enjoyed looking through Shutterfly's selection of cards to pick what I am going to use as I want to get a head start on this year and not be rushing at the last moment! I especially love the cards that have my picture as the whole front of the card and maybe a little greeting on top. So be looking for a special card with our family picture this coming Christmas/New Year! What do you do for cards?

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