Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some Videos of Gideon


  1. Ah! haha, the first one is absolutely just amazing. Sigh. so cute. And I love the last one. :)

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Yes to both: I am still in the Roanoke area, and I am a Demonstrator for Stampin' Up! and I'd love to do a class for you. Rubber stamping is truly so much fun! Just let me know when you'd like to schedule one for...probably if you'd like to do one before the holidays, early November would be best (like within the first two weeks of the month). That way if you (and your friends) see any projects you'd like to do for Christmas, you'll still have time. Otherwise, I'd probably wait until January when things have calmed down for people a little bit! - Thanks for your're right, it's kind of like having a baby. I'm sure dogs MUST be easier than a child, but some days I don't know :-) At least you can put a diaper on your little one! LOL Hope you're having a good day...

  3. The videos are so adorable! Thank you for sharing them! And tell Gideon that his Aunt Stacey wishes him a very Happy 1st Birthday!!! I can't believe he's one year old already! It's so crazy how time flies... :-)