Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Cutie Pie

Well i thought it was time for an update, we have been a busy little family this past weekend but hopefully this week will be a little calmer...but who knows maybe not! I have been working on curtains for a friend of mine who is having twin girls and I have had lots of fun. Below is a picture of the valance that I has inspired me to do more sewing for our house!

We had a family outing yesterday of getting our passport pictures taken! That was fun...especially on such a yucky rainy day. But we have them now and we have Gideon's birth certificate!!!!! Yay! So now we move onto starting the application process.

Gideon has been chewing on everything, definitely starting to teethe which is fun! He also loves to play with toys now and yesterday at Church he was so good during all three services--either sleeping or playing pretty quietly--nobody minds sweet baby noises. He also has been sitting up a lot when we put him in that position against something, he doesn't do it for long on his own but he can.

We went to Tech and Joshua figured out what classes he wants to take this fall and found out what his work will be like during the week as well, although we won't have a schedule till right before school starts...

Gideon has started sleeping through the night on occasion all by himself which has been delightful for me! He only gets up once in the night if he doesn't sleep thru the night so it isn't too bad. Soon he will be moving to his own room where he will be sleeping thru the night. But he is a wonderful baby and we love him soooo much!!!

Sitting in Daddy's seat in the car while we were waiting for him!

Sucking those fingers, his favorite thing to do!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Joshua, Gideon and I went to a dance last night which is the first dance that I've actually really gotten to dance at in a good two years. Last year I went to my family's dance but was only able to do the grand march as I was pregnant and very sick!!! But I had fun last night. I got to dance the VA Reel and the spanish waltz with my very handsome husband! I was so happy to get to be out with my two boys!!! I also got the chance to catch up with my friend Crystal who is expecting her second and it my cloth diaper was a great evening and I loved being able to dance again!

New Crib

Joshua has finished Gideon's crib and it is beautiful!!!!! We got to move it into Gideon's room and put the mattress in today. So now I just need to make a crib skirt and a bumper pad. But we let Gideon check it out for a little bit today and he seemed to enjoy having so much room and having bars that he could look thru and see what was going on. He laid there and laughed and talked! We can hear him from our room with both our doors open, so that's good. The bed has giraffe's etched into that front boards--it is kind of hard to see on the picture but it looks cute. Also the front panel removes to transform into a toddler bed, not sure that we will be able to use that for long before another sibling comes along...haha...but we shall see!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Five Months Old

Gideon turned five months old yesterday! He sure is growing fast! He has figured out that he can talk and so he just goes to town with it! Yesterday we were watching a documentary and he was trying to out talk them...we had to pause it and play with him, he was just so cute. He has also learned his name pretty much and loves to play with his toys now. He is also learning to take naps wherever we go which helps to keep his moods good. :-) Joshua is working on building a crib and last week since it was spring break he got pretty far. He has all the sides together. All he has left is the bottom and finishing it. It is soooo beautiful!!! Gideon is one step closer to being in his own room.

Learning to Talk

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pruning and Preparing for Spring

We are super excited that spring is coming soon and since the weather is just delicious outside and we couldn't resist being out there today we worked on some projects. We pruned our grape vines that are quite out of control and tied them to the fence. We have three areas that have vines. Some are quite old so we got rid of those vines and helped the new ones. Last year we got no grapes though we thought we were going to they all spoiled. We are hoping for a good crop this year. Then Joshua worked on Gideon's crib--he will soon be sleeping in that in his own room, once the weather stays warm. We also are planning out our garden...lots of tomatoes so we can make a ton of salsa!!!! I think I will make a can for each week of the year as we go thru about that much and I use it in a good deal of my cooking. Hope everyone else is enjoying the gorgeous weather as well!

Gideon's New Discoveries

This past weekend Gideon has really learned how to grab his toys (that he hasn't been interested in until now) and pass them to his other hand and also put them in his mouth. He wants to suck on everything now--clothes, fingers, passy cord, passy, name it! He's starting to teethe. He also discovered his head and places his hand up there as if he is embarrassed about his bald spot. So cute! He also likes to stand in his play station and he keeps his head pretty well balanced! We went to a chapel in Nokesville to fellowship with the saints there on Sunday and he was "quite" the center of attention by all the little girls there!

Monday, March 1, 2010

An Open Door

We have been praying about Joshua going back to school to complete his masters for some time. However we prayed that if the Lord wanted him to really go back that he would provide the means for him to take the classes by providing Joshua a teachers assistantship at VA Tech. So he applied again and went to Tech and talked to someone and tried to better his chances at getting an assistantship. Many people apply but it just depends on how many they give out each year. We kept being told that we would hear soon and kept praying. We were content with whatever decision the Lord had for us but I really wanted Joshua to be able to go back as he only has one year left. Last night we found out he is being given a teacher assistantship!!! So he will be going back to school this fall and working as a teacher's assistant!!!!

In other news we had a very, very busy weekend and Gideon was very tired. We got to see Aunt Jamie and Uncle Benjamin and Auntie Bethie who is staying with us till tomorrow!!! Gideon is also very close to sitting up by himself! So here are some pictures!