Sunday, November 27, 2011

A tale of Potty Training

These pictures below are taken back in April when I tried to start potty training my little boy...well after a couple of successes he decided he wasn't interested and although I've tried off and on I finally decided to give up! It wasn't worth the time to have him make a mess on the floor later. He just wasn't interested. Until last week...we were sitting at the table having dinner when Gideon said he needed to go peepee, not really thinking he was serious I let him down and he went and brought his potty to the dining room, sat down on it and went in the potty! Amazed we praised him and rewarded him with an M&M, well then he decided he needed to go every two minutes, which was just fine with me...later in the evening to my even greater surprise he went poop in the potty all by himself! I just couldn't believe it! The next morning I hoped he would continue but didn't have my expectations too high...but after I put him in his cars underwear he continued like it was the normal thing to do going to the bathroom on his potty. Needless to say we praise him and thank him and he has continued doing it even when we are out and about...although we do take his potty with us wherever we go! So all that to say that my little boy is potty trained when I least expected it!!!! And he did it himself!


  1. and then could you email me your address?

    pandjmorris @ yahoo (dot) com

  2. Congrats on winning Stephanie!


  3. Oh wow! That is NOT a tale of potty training... That is a FAIRY tale of potty training!!! Yay Gideon!!!!! That is so fantastic!

  4. Those potty pictures will make for many laughs at his rehearsal dinner one day!!!