Monday, November 14, 2011

Visit with Auntie Beth and Uncle Brandon

Last night we got to visit with Auntie Beth and Uncle Brandon...the purpose was for Bethie and I to start making gingerbread for our gingerbread house business (more on that in the next post). So while we baked the guys played ping pong and the little ones amused themselves with toys and exploring a new house. Later Joshua and I got to go out for dinner while Bethie and Brandon babysat (a birthday present for Joshua). Tirzah and Gideon had so much fun with Auntie! They were very happy when we got back...thanks Beth and Brandon for such a nice birthday gift for Joshua that I got to enjoy as well!


  1. i am soooooo jealous! i want to make gingerbread house with you guys! and i also want to see Beth's house! Gideon and Tirzah have such big eyes! so cute!

  2. Okay I can't wait to hear about this gingerbread house business!!!!

    Glad you all got to enjoy a night out. Sometimes it is just much needed :)