Friday, November 11, 2011

Tool Bench...a late Birthday present

Gideon received some money from his two great grandmothers for his birthday that they wanted me to use to get something for him to play with. The other day I saw a great deal on this tool bench and couldn't resist! So here is Gideon's little tool bench (that will most likely wind up in Joshua's for when he's working and Gideon wants to as well).  He loves all the tools!
Also notice anything missing from recent pictures of Gideon? He's given up his passie this week!!!! Yay!!!! That's why his mouth is open in some, he's not sure exactly what to do.
Using the hand saw

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! he looks like Joshua so much! does he miss his passie? i remember when we took Ruthie's away. it was on her 3rd birthday! she bawled for hours! :) See you tomorrow!