Friday, November 11, 2011

Visiting "Cousin" Zachary

On Wednesday I took Gideon and Tirzah and we went on a road trip with my brother Zach and his wife Amy Joy and my sister Beth and her husband Brandon! We were a van full! We went up to D.C. area to see our adopted Indian brother Bobby and his wife Bency and their two week (today) baby boy Zachary George! He is quite precious! So little, Tirzah looked huge around him! Gideon loved being able to have baby Zach on his lap...everyone did quite well for such a long day, we were in the car over 10 hours! We had fun however and it was so worth it to see my little nephew!!!
Bobby, Bency and Zachary
Tirzah eating lunch with Auntie Bethie

Uncle Zach being a bad influence and feeding my children sugar.
Amy Joy and Zachary

Two Zacharys
So little

Playing in the nursery

Gideon "holding" Zachary


  1. awwwwwww! little Zachary is so little! i love the picture of Zach feeding Tirzah sugar!

  2. Baby Zach loved seeing all of you! Thank you so much for coming ALL the way to see baby.

    Love ya!