Thursday, September 6, 2012

Family Gathering at a Funeral

Some of my family had not met Chloe yet when we all gathered on Saturday for the funeral of Pam Martin, the woman who has been living with my family for the past few years. She had been yearning to go home to the Lord and it was time, so although we are so sad because we love her, we are just as happy as we know she is so much happier and better off with her Savior. My whole family was there so Auntie Maddie and Uncle Jonathan got to finally meet their niece. Also it was wonderful to see Bobby, Bency and little Zach! He's so big and cute!
Zach and Pops

Daddy with Tirzah and Gideon

Uncle Brandon with Chloe

Aunt Maddie and Chloe

Mommy and her sweet baby

Bobby, Bency and Zach

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  1. So sorry about Miss Martin! I know she was loved by your family.
    Thanks for sharing the pics!