Thursday, September 6, 2012

Joshua's 30th Birthday Party

 We had a wonderful celebration of Joshua's birthday on Monday. We had over many friends and grilled some chicken for delicious fajitas. We had fresh salsa and a yummy mango salsa that is very spicy but the sweetness just makes an incredible combination. We ate and played outside, the little ones running around and the older ones playing corn hole. We had strawberry pies and sang happy birthday. Sadly I don't have a lot of pictures as my camera is halfway broken so sometimes it works and sometimes if doesn't. Later we played Paplitos (little slips of paper) which is a hilarious game of telephone on makes for quite a few laughs. Joshua also got his big birthday present that many contributed to (thank you everyone) yesterday--an ipad! He was having fun exploring it Joshua has left his 20's behind him and ventured into the 30s...he doesn't look it and he's accomplished quite a bit! Happy Birthday Joshua!

Michael and Katelin

Aunt Jamie and Chloe

Gideon with his foaming Hippo

Cousin Judah

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