Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Three Cute Children--I love them so much

It is quite the adjustment having three busy children...Chloe feeding, holding and changing...Tirzah needing some Mommy time and constant supervision and Gideon always wanting someone to admire his playing! But we are learning...the older children love their baby sister and love being involved with burping her, talking to her, watching her or bathing her. Yesterday I was able to get some adorable sibling pictures, Chloe now being wide awake for longer and very happy!Oh and I LOVE how babies make such funny expressions but can't talk so you can make up what you think they are saying...
How did I get held by my big sister?


Notice Chloe's hand--help me Mommy!

Then she said she'd had enough...

Um, excuse me, can I be taken away from my little older brother?


  1. LOVE these!!! :D And I really like the new blog look!

  2. They are all so cute, Steph! I can imagine finding a good balance with 3 little ones takes some time. If anyone can do it and do it well, I know it's you! :)