Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Creation Museum Trip

Our family has been planning a trip to the Creation Museum for some time and this past weekend we were finally able to go!If you have never been to the Creation Museum let me urge you to plan a trip there, it is a powerful testimony to God's Word and the truth of it and is very impressive with all their displays, dinosaurs, movies, planetarium, walk through of the creation and fall of man and the ark section. The planetarium cost a little more but was quite impressive!  The museum emphasizes the importance of having an absolute truth as found in the Bible as the foundation on which all of our understanding of ourselves, the world, nature and science is built. The evidences that support creation found through the museum are so amazing! It is appropriate for all ages as we discovered since we weren't sure how our three little ones would do but they loved it! Even with it being cold and not being able to enjoy a lot of the outside things (they have a petting zoo, gardens, camel rides) although Gideon did go with Joshua for a quick peek at the animals the children enjoyed all the displays and seemed to learn a lot! You never know how much they are taking in at this early age so we want them to start their education with a firm Biblical foundation. Also on a side note they are building a life size ark that will be nearby and will be a testimony and way to teach the world God's salvation--we are super excited about that project and look forward to many trips to see that as they build it, more information can be found here. Our trip was quite a long one as this is located in Kentucky--overall everyone did pretty well in the van for over 6 hours there and 6 hours back...
Chloe and I were the only ones brave enough to hold this snake as we walked into the museum--so cool! They were having a workshop on them later that we didn't go to.
Tirzah looking at the "dews" as she fondly calls deers, notice the antlers how it shows when God first created animals he created them as distinct kinds with the capacity to have great variety down the line.
Aunt Lydia was able to go with us which proved to be a great help as the the children love her very much and I think she enjoyed the experience as well!
I loved how they had displays that you could touch and that for children it wasn't all--no touch!
I felt drawn to this display of the Eve with child...I just feel like I look like that a lot lately...this is where it all started!
Chloe and I at the ark display--it is so fascinating, it is my favorite section of the museum!
Model that Gideon was looking at and commenting on the different animals!
Imagine our surprise and joy at finding out that Buddy Davis was at the museum to do a concert the day we were there! We have several of his dvds and Gideon recognized him immediately when he showed up saying "there's Buddy Davis". We had the opportunity to talk to him and of course get a picture. He is the man who sculpted all the dinosaurs in the museum and does dinosaur digs as well as writes great children's songs. Our favorites are "Billions of dead things" and "Behemoth".
Being able to "ride" a dinosaur was definitely a plus.
Chloe and a dinosaur as we waited for the rest of the family going through the displays...

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  1. Loved reading all your posts! :)

    The guy in the first picture-we remember him!! He was there when we were, and we went to that snake show!