Friday, February 15, 2013

Tirzah's 2nd Cow Birthday Party

 My sweet little Tirzah is a big two years old now! Hard to believe!! We decided to celebrate in a theme of cows which was a lot of fun. Joshua made an amazing pin the tail on the cow which I am glad he did because my version would have been a stick cow...I made the cake and a few decorations!!!

Joshua totally drew this amazing cow for pin the tail on the cow! Isn't he amazing?
Gideon's progression of playing pin the tail is quite funny...he starts out blindfolded
But has to check...notice Uncle Brandon saying, you can't do that Gideon...
See, this is where it goes...

My cow cake!

Chloe with her cake and ice cream

So guess what candle I couldn't find? The number she was Gideon and Tirzah wanted as many as possible...

Sweet Cousins
My cow cups and tablecloth...they don't make those, but they are easy to make yourself...


  1. Aw, Stephanie, what a fun birthday party! I am SO IMPRESSED with Joshua's cow! I had no idea he was such a talented artist. And your cake is adorable! Good job! I don't know if I could be that brave or artistic. :-) It's hard to believe Tirzah is 2 already!

  2. Ha Ha, when I first saw a picture of your cow cake, I thought the cow was on it's back and the Whoppers were the udders!!! Duh!!!

  3. Cute party! Joshua did a great job on that cow! You did great on the cake, too! So funny that you didn't have the "2" candle, but at least you had the numbers to represent what year it is. =)