Friday, February 22, 2013

Great deal on Chicken Breasts

I wanted you to all know about a really good deal on fresh boneless, skinless chicken is fresh and it is $1.79 a pound. The catch is you have to buy it in 40lb increments. So if you know someone you can go in with its a good deal. This sale goes on twice a year and they deliver it to local towns (we have one close to us). The upcoming one is April 10th and you just order online and pick it up on that day. We bought some 6 months ago and it was really good tasting chicken. Anyway here is the website where you can see their meat and how to order...

Here is some about the chicken:
Our Trademark Event
• 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients
• Comes directly from the processor and has never been frozen
• Sold by the case — 40 lbs in each case
• Case dimensions—18 in wide x 12 in deep x 7 in tall


  1. Thanks, Stephanie! We eat a TON of chicken, so I will definitely tell Mom about this. :-)

  2. I just ordered 40 pounds! thanks Steph! How often do they run the chicken deliveries?