Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cousins and a Trip to the Fire Station

Last week we went and visited Uncle Zach at the firestation and he gave us a wonderful tour of the station and how everything worked. We learned about the fire engine and the ambulance, got to see someone slide down the pole. It was so much fun! I even learned!

Beth and Isaiah

All the kids inside
We were joined by Crystal and her kids, Beth and Isaiah, my Mom and the three youngest children so we had quite the little group! Zach was such a great teacher!
Uncle Zach's fire truck
Earlier the three little cousins had some time's comparing as we all do...and just generally enjoying the babies! Asher is Zach and Amy's baby and he is younger than Chloe by a month and then Isaiah is Beth and Brandon's baby and younger than Chloe by three can't tell since he is quite the chunk!
Asher, Isaiah and Chloe

Happy Crawling Girl

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  1. How fun for Uncle Zach to have you all there! And in the picture were the 3 youngest cousins are looking at the camera, Isaiah and Chloe look as if they could be twins! There look so much alike in the face in that picture.