Friday, April 19, 2013

Aunt Ruthie Comes to Visit

I had my youngest sister Ruthann out for a visit last week and boy did Gideon and Tirzah have a fun time with her. She kept them occupied for hours!
One day we went to the river to feed ducks which wound up being geese. I picked up a camp friend of Ruthann's that goes to our chapel. They loved being able to throw rocks in the water and watch the geese.
Tirzah and the geese

When we first moved into Happy Hollow I thought this underbrush by the creek would be the perfect place for children to play! It would seem I was right, they set up a table and play food and played for hours!

Gideon "fishing" off the bridge with a fishing rod that Ruthann made for him. They didn't have a hook or bait so they tied an onion on the cute!

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