Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yard Sale Week 3

Last week we had the youth conference so we were only able to stop at a couple yard sales and I picked up a pair of Cars shoes for Gideon for $.50 and a play vacuum for the kids for $.50. This week we went as a family and hit a few yard sales and it was quite fun! Tirzah found a princess chair for $1! My favorite find for the day is the bath seat as I've looked for one and they don't sell them in most stores because parents leave their children in the bathtub and they parents that have three children and could use a little help balancing baby are made to suffer! So I found one for $2 and am so happy!!!!! It's wonderful! I also found a shopping cart for $1.50 to resell and a play food mixer for $3 for resell. The kids are also very happy with the Little People Car Garage for $1.50. That is a good find!!!
Update for the first week. I was able to sell the Leap Frog table I bought for $.25 for $5...and I sold the carseat I bought for $8 at cost to my sister in law. I was able to cover pretty much all I bought with what I sold. That's always nice!


  1. Yay - I love garage sale posts? How do you resell your items?

    1. I usually resell through a local baby and kids swap facebook site I'm a part of. It's way easier than craigslist as people can just comment on your picture and you know they are for real. There is no spam and usually if you keep up with it things sell. I also can see what things are going for out there and keep that in mind when I'm out yard sale shopping.