Friday, April 5, 2013

Tanzanian Missionary Night

Wednesday was our Missionary Prayer night at the chapel, we have been focusing on a country each month and having a fellowship dinner before the prayer time. We each bring a dish from the country to share with everyone and experience what the tastes and ingredients are like in each country. I know it isn't perfect but it is fun!

So Wednesday we had a meal from Tanzania which is in East Africa. Our meal consisted of Coconut Bean Soup (which I made), Coconut milk rice, Chapatti (a fried flat bread) and fried plantains with chai tea. I am always surprised by how good tasting everything is, these are not things I would choose to make normally but once I try them I really enjoy them. I found the recipes I got from this site.
Chloe really love to eat bread and use her new teeth, here she is chowing down.

On the table is a new tablecloth that I made for our missionary nights. I don't have a lot of time to sew but I thought this would be a great conversation starter...and it makes it seem so much more home like having a tablecloth. We usually have 15-20 people come for the meal...more join for the prayer time.
Picture of the meal...we also make up little handouts of prayer requests we receive from the missionaries that are serving the Lord in the country. It would seem that Tanzania has many Muslims and that is one of the challenges to the gospel. So be praying for those serving there!


  1. I just love what you all are doing! What a great way to bring mudroom alive and breathe life into praying for missionaries. I find the more I know of the missionaries , the culture they are in, their challenges, etc all encourage me to pray!

  2. Oh.....and the food looked delicious too!

  3. Fried plantains are wonderful!!!!!!!!!