Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heartbreak Bridge

We live right near some beautiful hiking trails on our mountain. We also have two bridges--one of them we have named heartbreak bridge. It has come by that name from mysterious bouquets of roses that appear every couple months thrown into the water. These are not old flowers--they are beautiful, store bought roses that someone has thrown off the bridge from disappointment. The other day when we were taking our daily walk we saw a single rose fallen into the water and collected it and brought it in and placed it in a vase--it is gorgeous! I would love to know the real story behind the rose but for now all I can do is conjecture.

On the trail

Look at the little paw prints?


  1. Heartbreak Bridge...mysterious roses in the water...I sense a great movie idea coming out of this!!!

  2. Indeed....very mysterious! Makes me sad for the person who leaves them!