Monday, March 31, 2014

Children Cleaning!!!

So I got a couple pictures of my children cleaning with my Norwex supplies. Gideon LOVES to use the nice, just wet the pad and then rinse it out with water when it gets to dirty...I have been quite amazed at how much dirt it picks up (I guess I shouldn't be that amazed with the amount of traffic in my house)! Even Chloe likes to help...:-) I just love that there isn't any cleaning solution they are getting into and that they are able to help with anything...

So I love the mop...but this past week I've been discovering the amazing things the dusting mitt can do...besides being a mitt you put on and it uses static to pick up dust on shelves, furniture, etc. It's so easy to pick things up with one mitt on and dust it with the other it does a great job dusting! But, I am more wowed by the fact that if you wet it, you can clean your screen windows!!!! Like a dream! Have you ever cleaned your screens? I hadn't and let me tell you I've only done a couple and I am incredibly amazed at the amount of dirt! Yuck! But it's so clean after! And then I take my black dusting mitt and rinse it and rinse and rinse it--lots of dirt and then I use it again! Or hang it to dry! The first screen I did was my kitchen window, it had stink bug poop and was so gross...

Also just a couple more notes...and I promise I'll stop talking about Norwex for a rags are so easy to clean...just put them in a bowl and pour boiling water over them and add a little detergent...the water turns gross with all the dirt and deposit and then I rinse them out and they are as good as new!!!

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  1. I love hearing about your cleaning adventures! Honestly it inspires me to do more cleaning around here. So keep 'em coming! =D And MY! how Chloe has GROWN.