Monday, March 17, 2014

I am ADDICTED to Cleaning right now!!!!

Why in the world? Because I have just become a consultant with Norwex!!!! They have the most amazing cleaning supplies/tools that have made cleaning easier, way more effective, are so safe with my kids--now they can help in everything and they have been working magic around my house!!! So what is Norwex? They are a company that have cleaning supplies and tools that don't use the chemicals found in most cleaning supplies---so no more bleach smell on your hands, no more ajax on the bottom of your bathtub, no more windex sprayed everywhere by kids...

My favorite thing is their famous EnviroCloth that is a rag made of microfiber that has silver in it so that it becomes antibacterial. So when you wipe your counters from chicken juice or your bathroom from bathroom drippings the cloth locks all the germs in the cloth and you can still use it--it doesn't spread! These cloths are far superior to microfiber you can buy at the store! I have three of them and I use one for windows with the polishing cloth and let me tell you--these have got to be the best window cleaner ever!!! All you use is the cloth with water and then dry it with the polishing cloth and the windows are sparkling!!! Also I used one on our mirror in our room that the kids had wiped gobs of vaseline all over and the cloth picked it all up and "ate it" and didn't smear it around on the window or anything and the mirror looks brand new!!! It surely would have taken a roll of paper towels to get that off the mirror and it still would have left smears and lint--that's the other thing no more lint all over the windows and mirrors! So this is saving me money on paper towels and windex...and looks far superior than I've ever been able to clean!

I used one of my other EnviroCloths in my kitchen and it's amazing!!! I wiped down my whole trash can with the rag and water and it worked like a magic eraser plus using some sort of clorox spray to clean the trash can smelled better and looked so clean! Then I used the rag on my refrigerator to wipe it sink--(I did use a little cleaning paste to scrub down the built up soap scum stuff), my floor, baseboards, my stove and then I pulled out my stove...YUCK! It was disgusting! But all I used was my cloth and look at how amazing it looked after? And it came up so easily!!! All I used for my kitchen was the Envirocloth, water and sometimes a little cleaning paste and a spirinett (which is a stainless steel scrubber)! And the best thought was that I wasn't spreading my germs and bacteria all over the kitchen, the rag would eat it up and then I would just rinse it in hot water and keep going! Incredible!!!

Now, my bathroom is most embarrassing my tub had gotten so bad with a huge ring around it...and I had scrubbed and scrubbed it with ajax and a scrubber...and all I got was some little scratches through. It was gross...well I sprayed some descaler and used an envirocloth and it came off almost with just a was wonderful!!!!!! It still sparkles and now when I clean it I just wipe it with the cloth and water...and it comes off just like that! I was also able to clean my grout much better and get marks off my tile that I had never been able to get off with the cleaning paste.
Now moving on to my toilet...I only show these pictures to show the is really embarassing how bad the toilet had gotten but it was old when we moved in and had these rust stains...and it had just gotten worse...I though the only thing to do was to get a new toilet. I was wrong...I used my spirinett scrubber and my cleaning paste and look at the miracle! It's like 90% better and I've only cleaned it once...I can't believe I let people use this for so many years without some help in cleaning it!!!

Lastly I took an envirocloth and cleaned my kids bedroom...I washed the walls from smudges and smears (worked like a magic eraser but didn't take off the wall paint)...did baseboards, did the light fixture, the toys could be wiped down!!! These cloths are incredible!

The last thing that I LOVE is their dish cloth--it's $7 and it has solved all my problems with dishes. It is a mesh that does an amazing job cleaning off hard dishes with stuff on it but it also rinses out and doesn't hold food or smells!!! No more remembering to take out the rag and hang it up!!! You can also cut it into smaller rags as it is large.

So I know it is shameless to tell people about something I now help sell but ladies and gentlemen it is incredible. It is a small investment for the cloths but they are guaranteed for two years, will save you so much money in different cleaning supplies and you are just using water--so your kids are safe too!!! So my top five things they offer: EnviroCloth, polishing cloth, cleaning paste, dish cloth and spirinetts! Let me know if you want to place an's really incredible! Or if you have any questions or have a cleaning job you want to know if they can conquer! Joshua is so happy with the miracles going on in this house!


  1. I'm very interested! Your before/after pictures are amazing! Send me an email with pricing details. :)

  2. I am a Nowex addict! You are so right! The cleaning supplies are amazing! Ditto to all you said!

  3. Okay. You got me VERY interested. Shoot me an email with prices and such. You are a very persuasive consultant! =P

  4. Wow! I clean for a family and i hate to use all those chemicals. I know she would be interested in this. Could you send me more info, with prices and such please? Thanks!