Thursday, March 20, 2014

Visit to North Carolina Friends

First stop on our trip to North Carolina was a visit with Maryanna and David who are living in a sweet little log cabin and expecting their first baby. We also got to see her sister Joanna! It was such a nice visit. We had a little scare with Gideon and his asthma while there since we had colds but the Lord was merciful and everything was okay!
Next stop was a wonderful visit with Mark and Bekah Reese with their four sweet little girls!!! We had seven children four and under! It was so fun! The kids had so much fun and us parents were encouraged being around each other. Here are a bunch of the kids listening to the Bible story.
Joshua was so popular!!! The girls kept wanting to sit on his lap and let him read to them!
Then we moved on to Joshua's cousin's house Michael and his wife Katelin! They bought a house last year and are renovating it...the kids loved the big bear they had. We had a nice visit with them.
 This is their house!
We then moved on to Richmond where Joshua was speaking and on Sunday we got to visit Wanda and TJ's family and it was so fun! The kids loved that there was so much room outside to play and a trampoline and so many kids! 

 They built their house many years ago, it's so pretty!

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