Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yard Sale Season 2014 Week 1

Oh yes!!! It is that time of year again! Yard sale season! Besides having so much snow off and on the last two Saturdays have been fairly pretty! So last week Joshua and the kidos and I set off on a short yard sale trip where we went to one Church yard sale and one moving sale. I picked up a few great bargains. I picked up the bouncy chair and swing for $5 total. Now I did have to clean them up (my enviro cloth from Norwex was AMAZING, it cleans fabric stains and such just using water!) and both had corroded batteries. In fact the swing was almost pouring battery juice and took quite a bit of time to clean up...but got that cleaned up and then bought some dollar tree batteries for both and good as new! So I sold them for $30 total...making $25! I also found some great Happy Hollister hard backs with dust jackets for $1 a piece which I will be passing on to my brother...also found a Little People set that come to find out is really popular, rare and I guess worth more than I thought. I bought it for $2 and sold is easily for $10 with a line of people wanting it. I also got my kids some new fridge learning magnets. And I picked up a beautiful baby boy outfit that still has tags for $1. So I spent about $22 last Saturday and already I have made $45 plus I am getting my $8 back for the not so bad for the first Saturday and a little cleaning up!!


  1. WOAH! Look at those happy hollister books! Which ones did you get! Are you giving them to Zach or Johnny?

  2. You are quite amazing, my beautiful daughter! But sometimes I think you price your resales too low. People were waiting in line because the Little people Learn about Town set sells for $150 brand new on Amazon. There are a lot of used sets for sale on eBay anywhere from $25 (with shipping) to $100 and more.