Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Exciting Norwex Cloths! Before and After Pictures!

So I have not lost my enthusiasm for cleaning at my house! I am still finding all sorts of spots that need to be cleaned or maintained. I am still trying out different Norwex tools and rags that I have and have been thrilled with what I have discovered. My new favorite cloth is the Kitchen Cloth which is antibacterial like the enviro cloth but has grooves and is perfect for wiping down counters and high chairs to get all the loose food crumbs. It does a great job cleaning...just wanted to show you two things I did last night. I wiped my ceiling that had applesauce stains from a couple years ago...with just a swipe it was gone. Then I wiped the top of my microwave that had grease and crumb build up from probably the past five years...but all it took was water and the cloth and it's clean! I also of course wiped down my trash can, stove top, floor, dish washer--everything I could think of! My kitchen looks so much cleaner these days!!!! All I do is wash the cloths out with hot water and then when they have a build up I put them in a bowl and pour boiling water over them (sometimes add a little detergent) and then let them sit over night. They dry rather fast too when I hang them up to dry.

Here is my kitchen cloth! I am so thrilled I am getting another one in the next week or so for reaching an incentive goal! They come in two or three colors I think!

Another amazing cloth is the body cloth. I am not really big into washing my face everyday...but after trying out this cloth and all the amazing things you can do with it...I find this another must of Norwex! So these body cloths are the softest microfiber cloth--they exfoliate the skin incredibly! So besides being great for my face, I also hear it takes of make-up like a dream but since I don't wear make-up I was more interested in the other things it could eliminate the need for shaving cream and give the smoothest/closest shave on my legs!!! All you do is wipe your legs down with it and then shave like a dream--no razor burn or bumps! And so smooth! Joshua was curious and decided to give it a try on his face...and says it was amazing! So no need for shaving cream and a great smooth shave! Another thing that is nice about these cloths that I've heard about but haven't had a chance to try yet is that they have silver in them so it's great to put on scrapes and cuts that my kids get...helps keep them clean, so I'm excited about that.  They come in a package of three. They are great!

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