Monday, October 31, 2011

Money Saving Tips Part 1

  • If you are in need of a five gallon bucket with a lid to store food in--I store bulk flour and popcorn so far--don't use the pickle buckets you can buy for $2 at Firehouse Subs as you can't get rid of the pickle smell and eventually your food starts to absorb it. But you can get free buckets with lids at Sams Club from the baking department if you ask--they get their icing in them.
  • If you need a free 8x10 picture take up Walgreens on their "free collage" and just have one picture on it which makes it an 8x10 with a border. That's what I do to print my little ones pictures for the mantel. 
  • Chik-Fil-A (which we love) has just released their 2012 calendars which cost $6 but for each month they have a coupon for a free food item. They are wonderful and more than pay for themselves--they have things like drinks, pairfait, chicken sandwich, chicken chef salad (which cost about what the calendar costs normally). You can really use the coupons anytime even though they say to use them during a particular month. These are so great to have in the car when you are riding around doing errands and need a snack! We have gone through two calendars this year!
  • Watch your food Moe's if you buy something then fill out an online survey they give you a free taco so that winds up being a whole free meal since they give you free chips and salsa as well. Joshua can make buying a $5.55 burrito and drink into three meals. Since the burrito is so big he splits in half and get chips for both meals, then fills out the survey and gets his taco meal as well. I also hear that Arbys does something similar if you buy anything on the back of the receipt you can fill out a survey and get a free can keep doing this with extra receipts that people throw away as well if you have another email address or phone number!

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    1. The Moe's tip is such a good one!! Will be storing that one away to use later!