Monday, October 17, 2011

Gideon is Two Years Old!!!

It's hard to believe but my little boy is two years old!!! It was quite a fun birthday as every time we talked about it he would do a little birthday dance and when we ask how old he is he says "two"! It was easy to get gifts for him as he loves Cars and Thomas the train. So he got different Thomas trains and the Cars movie. We made a Cars cake--with a little bit of help from Gideon helping make the cake, Joshua cutting the cake to make the ramp, Joshua's mom iced it, I did the cars and the road and Uncle Brandon did the fancy icing work. He LOVED the cake! He was overwhelmed by the different gifts wanting to play with each one instead of opening the next one. :-) He wants to watch cars all the time now and play with his trains. At one point during his little family party he wanted to watch "Cars", hold your trains, play with your fire engine and eat cake all at the same time! I love my little Gideon!!!

Birthday decorations!

He loves that cake!


  1. Aaww..I was thinking about him this week! Remembering how a couple years ago at camp, we were all in uproar over the new baby born! :)Happy Birthday Gideon!

  2. I really like the cake!! Very creative :)
    And isn't it amazing to watch our kids grow RIGHT IN FRONT OF US?!?! I can't believe mine are 3 and 4!