Monday, October 31, 2011

What we did with Apples

My sister came over a couple weeks ago for us to make applesauce and apple pie filling. We had bunches of fun being able to talk and get caught up on things. Gideon and Tirzah also helped us by taking bites out of lots of apples or Gideon putting McQueen and Mater into the apple strainer--quite surprised one of them didn't wind up in one of our applesauce jars. We made a bunch that day and I finished the rest of the apples a few days later. In all we had 31 jars of applesauce and 13 jars of apple pie filling out of 4 bushels!!!
We had 4 bushels of apples

Tirzah loved eating the apples

Bethie chopping the apples to be boiled

Apples softening
Gideon being a big help processing the apples into sauce
Transfering his applesauce into his cars bowl

Apple pie filling


  1. how do you make your apple pie filling,, other than boiling the apples :-)

  2. WOW- That is a lot of yummy apples!
    Looks like you all had fun doing it too.
    Fun work is the best kind.