Wednesday, January 18, 2012

House Party Box Arrived!

It's always so much fun when my box from Houseparty arrives with the green sticker that says "your party pack"! I love to host a houseparty and get the news out about new products. The way it works is you fill out an application for a party that appeals to you and if you are picked you invite people over for a party and then you are sent a nice big box of freebies to hand out and get the word out about the company. I've done a few in the past--one for SpinMasters games which was fun, I was sent the games Quelf and Logo and we played one and everyone went home with nice coupons if they were interested in buying the games. I've also done a Shutterfly one in which everyone learned how to make a photo book and then people got free photo book codes and free shipping, it was great! This houseparty which I am hosting tomorrow is to get the word out about Walgreens grocery items so as you can see they sent me some pretty great baking items...the ingredients to make Oatmeal cookies, some chex mix for the party and popcorn, some trail mix to give out, I also have coupons and free Redbox codes to give out, pretty amazing right? I'm combing my party with a get together I'm starting to host called a craft and chat, ladies bring whatever project they are working on to show everyone and to motivate them to work on much fun! So if you're ever interested in hosting a house party just go out here: Houseparty

Tirzah helping me unpack

Yay, a box!

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  1. How fun! I have done these in the past and have really enjoyed them :) Thanks for the reminder about them, I am going to go see if there are any good ones to apply for!