Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Tirzah!

Tirzah turned the big one on Sunday and we celebrated with a wonderful family birthday party on Saturday night. Tirzah was quite the little princess wearing her little princess birthday hat and tiara. She loved having them on and special thanks goes to her Auntie Maddie and Uncle Johnny for bringing them for her. She is starting to walk here and there when she feels up to it and is just as cute as she can be!

Princess Tirzah's tiara

Eating spaghetti dinner

Opening Gifts

Isn't she just so cute?


  1. What a wonderful family time we had! And the little princess was adorable. Maddie and Johnny were sooo excited to see her wear the tiara and the princess birthday hat! Good times! Thanks for hosting everyone.

  2. Awww... happy birthday, Tirzah! She is so pretty. Glad you had a good time celebrating!

  3. Tirzah's Present and Your Money is with Kate M. she is supposed to give it to you the next time she sees you.