Thursday, January 12, 2012

 My sister Maddie and I share a December and we decided to celebrate it with a sisters day out. We went shopping at Joanns, Goodwill, went out for lunch at a cute diner and got our  nails done--this time I got a pedicure for the first time and loved it. Then we went on to more shopping! We had quite a day and Tirzah actually fell asleep in my arms in the last shop as we were walking around. My Mom and younger sisters joined us at lunch and I had my wonderful friends Michelle, Kyra and Stacey join us for the morning and lunch as well. It was a wonderful birthday outing!
Maddie, Tirzah and I--my sister Lydia made my darling, wonderful scarf!
Then Bethie joined us...and my hat was given to me by Maddie!

And then Michala
Cute diner we went to for lunch

Maddie, Bethie and Miriam
Getting a pedicure
Tirzah needed to put her toes in as well.
And act like she was getting her nails done...
Ruthie getting her nails done
All six sisters and Mom all beautified!

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