Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Pictures from Christmas

So I wanted to post some pictures of our Christmas at the Shelor Reunion. It was lots of fun and we had plenty of time to visit and eat, we all took turns making different meals.
Don't you love his early morning groggy expression?

Cousin Judah digging in to his gifts!

Tirzah just wanted to play with all the gifts and unwrap them for everyone
Cousin Elijah playing with Gideon's play mat I made him a while back

Tirzah eating breakfast with Great Grandmother

Joshua, Tirzah and Grandmother
Gideon doing one of his favorite things, helping with dishes!

Grandma with Tirzah and Judah on Christmas morning


  1. We were on another blog this morning and Clara says "Can I see Gideon?" :-) So we popped by for a visit!

  2. soooooo cute!!! i love Gideon's early morning expression! hehehe