Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amazing Kroger Shopping Trip

So yesterday I had an amazing shopping experience at our local Kroger and the sales are just so amazing I had to take a picture and share! This is Gideon and Tirzah thoroughly enjoying going through all the groceries and building towers with the items! So I had to carefully plan out my shopping trip as I don't have a lot of time to spend at the grocery store and I wanted to do it just right. Kroger has a wonderful sale that consists of buying five specified items and getting $5 back, with coupons this made for even better deals where you could even make some money. Also some of the items had other deals going on inside the packages. Joshua dropped me off with Chloe and took the kids to the library so I could concentrate at the check out, which I had to because I had to do nine transactions as I rolled the $5 coupons I got by buying five items. I had a wonderful guy help me out at the self check out who was so patient with my huge stack of coupons! Some of my coupons were from the paper, some were from the internet and some Kroger had sent me--I had two free coupons. I think I had a coupon for everything except the garlic, milk, cake mixes and pizzas. Anyway, I strongly suggest you head out to Kroger this week and catch this sale and stock up! Here is a great website to help you out.

So here is what I got:
  • 5 Totino's Pizzas (send off for a $5 rebate)
  • 5 cake mixes
  • 10 boxes of potatoes
  • 4 shake n pour brownie mixes (I've been wanting to try these out)
  • 2 Old El Paso refried beans
  • 2 refrigerated cookie dough (send away for coupon for free pizza rolls)
  • 4 Cookie mixes
  • 3 Chex Mix
  • 4 Toaster strudel
  • 2 Fruit snacks
  • 4Fruit Roll ups
  • 1 lindor truffle bag (free)
  • 2 renuzit air freshners
  • 1 ragu sauce (free)
  • 2 bags of carrots
  • 1 bag of tortilla chips
  • 1 bag of doritos
  • Garlic
  • Milk
Grand Total: $21.61


  1. what would this have cost without coupons?

  2. Can you tell me what coupons you had?

    1. Okay I'm not sure but I had 4 $.50 off of 1 box of the cookie mixes; 4 $.50 off of 1 shake n pour; 5 $.50 off of 2 boxes of potatoes; $1 off of 2 refrigerated cookie dough; 3 $.50 off of 1 chex mix; 2 $.50 off of 2 toaster struedel; 1 $.50 off of 2 fruit snacks; 1 $2 off of four fruit roll ups; 2 $.50 off of 1 renuzit air freshner; 1 $.75 off of 2 bags of carrots; $.50 off of one bag of tortilla chips; $1 off of one bag of doritos;free truffles and free ragu.

    2. sounds like close to 50% off...great job Steph

    3. Do you know what week the coupons were in