Monday, October 22, 2012

Cloth Diaper Series: What Diapers I use

I have gotten many questions over the years about my using cloth diapers and I have been meaning to write up some posts and never got around to it. I have struggled off and on using cloth diapers because they are not always the most convenient things but I do love them! So I am doing a series this week on the ins and outs of my cloth diapering experience, I will try to do links with explanations and pictures and put my own pictures as well. Please feel free to ask questions that I can address in my series.
Chloe in one of the fitted newborns without a cover
Reasons I cloth diaper: Cloth diapers are cute, economical and I guess I can feel good about not adding to the landfill in that department...:-)
Covers and Prefolds

My history with cloth diapering is as follows: I have been cloth diapering since about three months after Gideon was born. I started out with just one type of diaper Bum Genius one size pocket diapers. I started with 20 diapers and that seemed to do fine with one child washing them every couple days. When Tirzah came along I added to my collection by making some of my own pocket diapers in two different sizes--small and medium. They worked pretty well. However Tirzah has very sensitive skin and any time she teethes she breaks out in rashes and blisters and even though she still has it if she is in disposable diapers it isn't as bad so I will often trade off an on with cloth and disposable when she has a bad rash. I also started to run into some problems with my Bum Genius--I had used diaper cream on my kids that was not cloth diaper friendly early on and so I had some stains...then the microfiber inserts started to retain wet also takes a lot longer to dry pocket diapers. So when Chloe was on her way I started to rethink my cloth diapering and decided to add something new--covers and prefolds. These are cheaper, easier to wash and dry, you can get more use out of them, have cute covers and I find them just easier. So now I have my bumgenius and covers and prefolds. Now I will break down what exactly all that means in case you are brand new!
Gideon in a GI Joe cover

My cloth diaper stash:
  • I have 20 Bumgenius Pocket diapers that are one size meaning you can adjust it as your baby grows and use velcro. I have since decided I like snaps better than velcro as eventually the velcro gets very used, the upside of velcro is that you can make it fit the baby better. I also do not like the microfiber inserts any more...they are nice but sometimes can retain smell, mine don't any more due to the fact that I fixed my laundering be discussed in another post.
  • I have 5 flip diaper covers that are one size and use snaps. I did not buy inserts with them as I already had some inserts and I intend on making some more (once I get my serger going).
  • I bought 4 blueberry covers that are so cute and work great--I LOVE the gussets
  • I have about 4 random diaper covers that use snaps or velcro that people have given me.
  • I have 2 Thirsties diaper covers that are small for Chloe, they adjust a little bit and have velcro and I like them very much.
  • I also have 2 minky diaper covers that are medium--they're cute.
  • I have three newborn fitted diapers that I bought from someone locally and I love them but since they are just a newborn size Chloe is almost out of them and I'm glad I only bought three as she wasn't in them long. I'd rather use my prefolds, although these are so adorable! However you have to put a cover on so you can't really see it anyway.
  • I have three diaper covers I made that have flannel on the inside and move aside for an insert
  • I use prefolds mostly now with my covers. Prefolds are pretty much the old fashioned diapers that are now used for burp cloths. I was given all mine and some are the regular old fashioned white rectangles, some are big pieces of white cotton diaper fabric that I fold to fit the cover, some are burp cloths with prints on them, all of them work. I find with Chloe I don't have to use a snappi (a replacement for diaper pins) just yet but for Tirzah I do as she moves around a lot more and the prefold with move and get wadded up if not pinned in place. 
  • I also have 10 small diapers I made long ago and 10 medium size diapers I made, I usually stuff these with my extra microfiber inserts.
  I will address the supplies and accessories in my next post.


  1. Very interesting......I just found out this past summer that there was such a thing as cloth pads for females. Are you familiar with those?

  2. Thank you for this helpful post, Stephanie! I have a friend from school who is getting ready to have her first baby, and I think she wants to use cloth diapers. I'll definitely share this post with her...

  3. Thank you, thank you, Stephanie! We've been thinking to jump into cloth diapers! Thank you for the help! I'm very new to all this!