Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cloth Diaper Series: Things that have helped in cloth diapering

There are a few things that seriously help you to have around when you are cloth diapering.I don't use a whole lot of extra things but here is what I use:
  • A place to put your wet/poopy diapers until you can wash them--you need some sort of big wet bag that either zips/draw strings or I put mine in a trash can that has a lid. The wet bag helps contain the odor and helps things not to leak through. I tried a diaper geni at the beginning and that didn't work. I find it would help to have two wet bags, so you can just take the diapers and the bag and throw it into the wash and then put the other in the pail so you always have one in there...I just haven't made my second one yet. I will...

  •  It is also nice to have a travel wet bag that you can stick in your diaper bag so that when you are out and you need to change a diaper you have something to put your dirty one in--I also put my wet/dirty clothes from the kids in there and it keeps everything else in my diaper bag from getting wet!
  • Having a diaper sprayer is AMAZING! This is a sprayer like a kitchen sink sprayer that you attach to your toilet and then when you need to clean poop off your diaper you just spray it off! How easy is that? You can buy one online or my wonderful husband went to the hardware store and bought the supplies then put it together himself. I love my diaper sprayer--you don't technically need this at the very beginning as baby poop is different than when they start on solids...believe me!
  • Baskets to store your cloth diapers, I find that baskets work best for me. I tried a diaper stacker at the beginning and it worked okay but baskets are easier to pull out and see what you have. 
  • I also have a small store of liners to put in my cloth diapers in case I need to use some sort of diaper cream and I don't want it on my diaper...usually when a baby has a rash. Just nice to have on hand in case you need it. 
I think that is about all I really use with I will talk about laundering cloth diapers--something I love to do!

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  1. Ah! I always wondered why you had the spray hose connected to the water line going into the toilet!! I thought it was some sort of redneck bidet (!! Now it makes perfect sense.