Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Let me introduce you to a supermom if there ever was one...I grew up with my friend Bekah and she got married the year before I did...well now she is the mother of twin girls, another girl about to turn one and a baby due in about a month! All four girls! She is an amazing mother and I was so glad to be able to visit with her last week! I snapped this adorable picture...showing what a supermom she is!

Isn't she and her three girls just beautiful???
 I also got to visit with her older sister Rachel who is in town from Guatemala where she lives with her husband who lives there. He is born and raised in Guatemala and so they live there now. She is expecting a baby in January and was up here for a visit and baby shower...so I have some pictures of that as well.

Bekah, Anna (third sister), me and Rachel with one of Bekah's twins

Rachel holding Chloe

My friend Anne and Chloe

This girl loved cheesecake pops!

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  1. Hard to believe I used to teach Rachel, Rebecca, and Anna in Sunday School when we first moved to Virginia. Bekah is a fantastic mom, but I know a Mom in Roanoke who is pretty amazing, too!!!