Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Husband got a Buck!!!

Boy am I proud of that husband of mine!!!He has been faithfully sitting in the cold morning after morning trying to get a deer to fill our freezer! And all his hard work paid off! He got a six point buck this past weekend! We have already got the meat in our freezer! He was learning with this deer what all to do to get it from the woods to processing.
Gideon swatting at the flies and bees.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Clothes (Party dresses) for Cheap $10 credit--counts to shipping

Not sure if you've heard about ThredUp but it's amazing! My sister introduced me last month and I am a bit addicted. I don't really like to shop for clothes but it's fun to look...and now you can shop on ThredUp's site for gently used (they have high standards) clothes from really nice brands. Their prices I feel are mostly reasonable...they run sales...they have women's and children's...and to start you off if you use my link they will give you a $10 credit that counts towards shipping. My first order I got the most adorable party dress (seen below) for my upcoming 2nd honeymoon!!! (It fits perfectly!) I might be wearing it before then since it is an adorable party dress! I had $20 credit and got the dress and the sweater for $2 including shipping! Check out their cute clothes...for yourself and gifts!! Also you can sell them your used clothes if they are in good condition and name brand, they have a calculator on there so you know what it might be worth...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Biggest House Party Ever!!!

So I was picked to host an amazing Mega Blok House Party...actually 2 of them. One for the biggest legos and one for the small ones. I started out just inviting a few people that grew to having a huge house party. I had 20 moms and over 30 kids. Close to 60 people!!! In our tiny house! Where there's a will there's a way! The House Party sent some amazing toys to give out and I did a couple giveaways. Also a friend of mine had the medium size legos so she brought a couple to giveaway and to display. It was fun and exhausting!
 Billy Beats Piano was sent and I decided to give it away...all the kids loved it!
 Everyone hanging out and playing
 We had a nice array of snacks...
Most of the group...couldn't really fit everyone in or get everyone together.
I think at the end we had like 8 strollers parked outside
These are the toys that were sent with my party packs...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Friend Nicole is Having a Baby!

My close friend that I have grown up with almost since I've lived in Virginia is having a baby! I am so thrilled for her!! Sunday my sister Maddie and Nicole's sister Ashley thru her a baby shower! It was fun and so good to see Nicole. She is having a baby girl!

Yummy, yummy food.
School colors!
Happy, glowing, Mommy!
Chloe, collecting clothespins!
Look at that baby growing!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Update

A book update...this is long overdue and I will probably miss some books I have been reading. Joshua has really encouraged me and inspired me to read more. We watch way less movies and tv and instead in the evenings we read quite a bit.
  1. Power of a Praying Wife
  2. Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae
  3. My Life, My heart, My all MacDonald
  4. Middlemarch by Eliot
  5. Dombey and Son by Dickens
  6. Agnes Grey by Bronte
  7. Buggies and Blizzards
  8. Ultimate Proof by Jason Lisle
  9. Not a Fan
  10. Out of the Salt Shaker
  11. Tortured for Christ (Voice of the Martyrs)
  12. You can Teach your Child Successfully

More books I have read this year...I read this book called "A Good Yarn" and was a great story about women's lives intertwining thru learning to knit. Hope to read another in the series soon.

Killer Bears was a book that I got at Aletheia Springs this year and was quite intrigued by. It is all about bear attacks and if there is any common ground in the attacks, etc. Gave me a whole new respect for the black bears up here on our mountain. Always be respectful of bears, they cannot be predicted at all--black or grizzly, momma or just give them their distance and don't be stupid and go hiking in their territory alone and unarmed!

Love Walked Among Us was a book I read for one of my counseling classes and it was good. It didn't stand out to me as a particularly wonderful book and I don't think I would be rereading it but it had some good insights into the Lord's life on earth and His love for us.

Can you believe I have never read Tortured for Christ? I was so glad to read this book and be better acquainted with the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs. Gave me quite an appreciation for the freedom we do have to witness and be bold for Christ and a renewed passion for praying for Christians around the world as well as helping them in any way I can.

 I read this book "The Holiness of God" for my counseling class and it sure gave me an overwhelming impression at how irreverent we are towards God. We as humans judge and act toward our holy God as no being should be allowed to do. Our God is so merciful and longsuffering towards his creation.

"I Married You" is a reread, Walter writes a book on his experience teaching a marriage conference in Africa and the problems they have with getting married, marriages, etc. So good and talks about why you need the leaving, cleaving and one flesh in the right order and you need all three!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Shutterfly Cards/Gifts: $50 Giveaway!!!

So my wonderful sister Beth just took our family pictures!!!! Yay!!! Here is a sneak peak...but it makes me want to out together some sort of Christmas/end of year card to send out to everyone!!!

So Shutterfly is going to make your day---one of you lucky readers is going to get some help with their cards this year (or anything else you want to make)! I've used Shutterfly every year I think except for maybe one...their cards are amazing and their shipping is fast!

I went out to Shutterfly's site to see what they are doing new this year and I am having such a hard time deciding what type of card to do this year...New card design styles for 2013 - 5x7 folded tri fold & back of card designs
o   Classic: Traditional colors, iconic illustrations, aspirational sentiments, snowflakes, monogram
o   Contemporary: trend forward colors, texture and layering, water color techniques, shine, glitter, Instagram pictures are perfect for this style
o   Whimsy: humor and nostalgia meet, fun sentiments
o   Merry and Bright: all about color and having fun
o   Religious: metallic type treatments, incorporated story ideas
o   Photo Basics: multiple colors, vertical type, family name highlights
Okay isn't this tri-fold card amazing???I totally want to do this one...but is it too much for people? I mean it is like a mini photo I go for something more simple?
  Or this one? 

Choices, choices...and you'll have to make your own choices as well! I also like to finish up my year by making a photo book to review my year...I've done one for each year that we've been married, almost five years! Amazing! I also like to make my Dad a calendar for the following year as he loves picture calendars!

Well, down to the fun part!!! Shutterfly is giving me $50 credit to their site to offer to one of you lucky readers! Also included is free shipping! To enter please leave me a comment telling me what your favorite card on Shuterfly's website is that you would want to use this year...and let me know if you think simple or more complex is better? Giveaway ends November 22nd at 11:59pm!

Also just so you know there will be a Twitter Party #PhotosYouLove on November 15 at 8 PM ET for Shutterfly with @ResourcefulMom. 

Disclosure: I am receiving a credit to Shutterfly for writing this review but my opinions are totally my will just help me order the cards I intended on making anyway!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chloe and Her Truck

So you may remember that a friend of ours gave our family a truck that is the most popular toy we have!It is not at all unusual for Gideon, Tirzah and Chloe to be playing on it at once. One inside, one in the back and one on top. Well, recently we had cousin Ellie over and Chloe was not at all interested in sharing the coveted truck with her cousin...Ellie was gracious and sweet and found other things to do...
My truck!!!
You snooze you lose...
 Chloe swooped in and shoved her cousin out...
And she shut the door so there was no room for more than one person!

Gideon's 4th Birthday Party: Construction Theme

Gideon turned four last month! Can hardly believe it myself. Except that he is so smart and growing so quickly...he adds quickly in his head, almost has the alphabet down, counts well and loves God which is most important! He also loves to push Tirzah's buttons. The other day in the van we were meeting someone to sell something and Gideon is talking to Tirzah and suddenly says, "we're going to sell you Tirzah!" Instant "no!" and whining from funny! He loves to have Bible time in the evenings and retains everything he learns. That is most important to us that Gideon grows up loving the Lord!

We did celebrate with a construction themed birthday party that was lots of fun!
 Best cake ever...doesn't matter what it looks like as you're going to destroy it anyway!
 Coloring Table
 Game the family played where you throw the bean bag into the trucks...or try to...
 Cake and Candy Table!
 Food table, served chili for dinner!
 Birthday Banner
Flat tires and Boulders and Lumber Yard

Monday, November 4, 2013