Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meeting MoneySavingMom

Last month Joshua and I had the opportunity to attend the Virginia Homeschool Convention for free and since we were already in town we decided to attend. I was excited because I got to meet and listen to Crystal Paine who runs and Joshua was excited to listen to and meet Jason Lisle who is a very smart and famous scientist who works for Institute for Creation Research. He has written an amazing book called The Ultimate Proof of Creation and he has some great astronomy books that Joshua has been enjoying as well. I wanted to share a few things I learned from Moneysavingmom that were helpful to me:
Ways to get Free Coupons:
  • Ask friends, neighbors, etc.
  • Stop by Starbucks or McDonalds on Sunday afternoons and ask if you can pick up an inserts lying around.
  • Trade coupons with friends
  • Check your local library to see if they will allow you to have the coupons from their Sunday paper
  • Look for coupons available in dispensers at stores
  • Print them out online
  • Write to the manufactureres of your favortie products and ask if they have coupons they can send you.
  • Freecycle or Craigslist
  • Gas stations sometimes give away their newspapers Sunday night or Monday morning
Isn't that helpful? I don't have an extensive coupon system but I sure do love learning more and more and extending my system. I had a great shop at Kroger yesterday and was able to use a lot of coupons, I appreciate people who leave coupons they can't use with the item at the store, I found a great one yesterday that was helpful.  Anyway, just wanted to share. Below is a picture of Crystal and myself, it was such an honor to meet her and listen to her wisdom!

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