Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sisters Maternity Photo Shoot

My sister-in-law Amy Joy due September 20th

My sister Beth due November 4th
Notice the little feet behind me?

Beth and Amy

Don't forget to predict when you think our baby is coming on the previous post...


  1. 3 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen....and the prettiest 3 I have ever seen together!! I can't wait until Thanksgiving this year!

  2. Love these! You all look so beautiful.

  3. You all look so good! How exciting for so many sweet baby cousins born so close together. I can't wait to see pictures of them all. I think you are all three having boys!

  4. These are *so* sweet! Amy's baby is due the day before my birthday and Beth's baby is due the day after Mark's. :) What fun you're all going to have!

  5. What great pictures! You three are so lovely...and make such cute pregnant ladies. ;-)