Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Yearly Getaway

Once a year Joshua and I try to take a day or more and getaway to just focus on one another, last year we found a beautiful bed and breakfast in town and spent the night...I was still nursing so I had to pump but it was still a wonderful time to get away. This year however I was not nursing (yay) and we decided to spend two nights in the beautiful Shennandoah Valley at a lovely little cabin that had it's very own pond that you could even fish in! We dropped Gideon and Tirzah off with Grandma and Grandpa and headed out on a Wednesday evening. We had a lovely dinner at Red Lobster and then saw a Blackfriars play (Winter's Tale) at The American Shakespeare Theatre! It was a very fun experience and we had seats on the stage which made it more exciting--at one point in the play a pickpocket walked away with my purse...we spent all of Thursday at the cabin enjoying the AMAZING beauty outside--we had fish in the pond, frogs, deer and muskrats that look like beavers and were swimming around. It was so quiet and peaceful! We also had a nice jacuzzi and hot tub and since it was a cabin it had it's own kitchen so we made our own meals which was so fun! Joshua and I like to make special meals that look as appealing as they taste (see below). We had plenty of time to rest and we also brought a BBC miniseries Nicholas Nickleby (which we hadn't seen)...and games! We had a delightful time! On the way home on Friday we stopped at a quaint little restaurant called The Pink Cadillac which was filled with Elvis and reminded me of my Great Grandma who was quite a fan. It was a great little getaway and babymoon before the appearance of our new little one. I encourage all you young couples to make the effort to getaway even for a night once a year to really focus on one another with no distractions, and you can always do it on a small budget you just have to be creative!
Back of the Cabin

Joshua caught a few sunfish

Our yummy dinner we grilled

Such a yummy breakfast!

Married 3.5 years as of yesterday!!!!


  1. What a nice, relaxing time away! Glad you guys had a good time.

  2. Awwwww, how fun! I'm so glad y'all had the chance to get away and enjoy yourselves. (And I can't believe how behind I am on reading your blog! Whoops! I got behind on everything while I was in Michigan.)