Monday, May 27, 2013

2013 Book List Update

So I thought it was about time to update on some books I've been reading recently. I am still plugging away at my book list and reading quite a few in between. As for the book list I have checked one more off :
  1. Power of a Praying Wife
  2. Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae
  3. My Life, My heart, My all MacDonald
  4. Middlemarch by Eliot
  5. Dombey and Son by Dickens
  6. Agnes Grey by Bronte
  7. Buggies and Blizzards
  8. Ultimate Proof by Jason Lisle
  9. Not a Fan
  10. Out of the Salt Shaker
  11. Tortured for Christ
  12. You can Teach your Child Successfully

I have finished My Heart, My Life, My All by William MacDonald which is a book about discipling and I found it very convicting. It talked about how if we would just focus our attention on one person a year and really pour our life into them and teaching them about Christ and the Word of God and then they go and do the same how far that influence would spread. It was a fantastic book. 

I then read a book called From High Heels to Handcuffs talking about a lady in her midlife crises enrolling in police academy and walking you through the process. I came away with quite a new appreciation for our police men/women and how much they are required to do in one job. They have to be really skilled and fit and I got the  impression that many police officers crack under the pressure, I mean they have to deliver the news of death to parents, go on high speed chases, direct traffic, lots of paperwork, talk down suicide many different things that you would think they would have different divisions for some of them. Anyway, it was a really interesting book though sad because this woman was so dissatisfied with life since she didn't have Christ.

I then discovered a book called How Starbucks Saved My Life and it was about an older man who was in corporate america and was fired and how he went to work for Starbucks. It was quite interesting just learning about Starbucks and how they run their coffee shops and their standards. This book is about a well known man in New York. I was also sad about the mistakes he made and how he did not have real meaning in his life but found a lot of interesting facts in the book.

I also threw in Sister Chicks in Sombreros as an easy read and I love the Sister Chick series. They are written by a Christian author about women in their forties or fifties and the trips they go on and the adventures they have as sisters or best friends! They are even better read aloud by the author but I enjoyed rereading this one and enjoying all the fun. These books always make me want to travel or go on a read.

We also finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy read aloud in the van. We are now working on Phantom of the Opera...

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