Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yard Sale Resell Tip

I didn't go yard sale shopping this past weekend so instead I have a little tip. Sometimes I buy things that just need a little cleaning up or new batteries that I know I can sell for a lot more. I don’t spend much on these items but it’s worth it to spend a few extra minutes cleaning something up to make a few extra dollars. My sister got a great breast pump for $5, cleaned it up and sold it for $45. I bought a couple pink booster seats that were just a little dirty and had straps that were dirty. So I cleaned the seats down with some all purpose cleaner and then set the straps in a bowl of bleach water till they were sparkly white! Good as new. I paid between $.75-$1 for them and made at least $5 on them. I bought a learning table a while back for $1 and sold it for $7 and it just needed to be cleaned up.

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