Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yard Sale Week 4

So this past week we all went out yard sale shopping again. I love having Joshua come with me...he's such a good sport. So I found for ourselves a great children's fold out couch that looks like a little chair. It will be great to travel with so that the kids have something to sleep on. Tirzah is in love with it!

As far as things to resell. I found that tool bench for $5 and have already sold it for $15. The two booster seats I am keeping one and selling the other. I got them each for $2. I also found that cute little phone that works for $.25. I also found the little portable bed for $3.I also picked up a beautiful girl pack n play bassinet for $20 which is a steal. I gave it to my in-laws but may still sell it for a lot more if they don't need it.

Update from last week. I did sell the shopping cart and food for $10 making $6. I also sold a little leap frog leapster I got for $1 last year for $4 yesterday.

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