Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Storytime at the Library

We have an amazing new library that is quite huge! It has a coffee shop, a theatre and a wonderful children's area! This year I have started taking Gideon and Tirzah to their storytime which they do every couple months for 5 weeks at a time. The kids love it! They are read books by Miss Tara, get to do little bits of singing and a craft. These few weeks have been on colors which has been fun! They made a butterfly for the color orange and for this week Grandma got to come too. After storytime they pick out books and movies and then play with the puppets, puzzles and train tables and look at books. It is a wonderful time of the week.

There are anywhere from 5-12 children with moms, dad and grandmas

Playing with puppets

Picking out books

Playing with trains

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  1. What a NICE library! I can remember going to story time at the library when I was little. So fun!