Friday, May 3, 2013

A Walk Up Memory Mountain...

This past week our family was able to go hiking with my sister Beth, my nephew Isaiah and long time friend Daniel. We hiked up Buffalo Mountain which has special meaning to Joshua and I as it is where he asked me to marry him! (If you want to see pictures from then-- and yes Joshua is wearing the same shirt in both pictures because he calls that shirt his Buffalo Mountain shirt.) We haven't been up the mountain since right before Gideon was born. It was challenging hiking it with three little children but they were all troopers and did great! We made it to the top which has an amazing 360 view! We had a picnic up there and enjoyed all the rocks to climb!
Sister Beth and nephew Isaiah up at the top! Isaiah is no easy load to carry up a mountain.
Our little family...silly children!
Happily Married!
Playing on the rocks
Love the apple in his hand...such a Daddy...but isn't he so ruggedly handsome??? Love this man of mine!


  1. Beautiful!!!! How I love to see my married children madly in love!!<3