Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yard Sale Week 7

This week I did not actually go to yard sales but instead wound up going to a big sale that lasted three days and was benefiting poverty. I was unsure how busy the sale was going to be and what all was going to be there but on the website i had seen a picture of a disney princess fold up couch I really wanted to get for Tirzah. So I decided to get there the first day when the doors opened. Joshua was home but I wound up taking Tirzah (who wanted to "shop") and Chloe who is quite the Mama's girl right now. So I got there about ten minutes early and was surprised to see quite the line waiting for the doors to open. When I entered the building I was overwhelmed by how huge the sale was (it was everything except clothes so a lot of things) and the prices were crazy cheap! I got the princess couch for $.75 and I would have been happy if it was under $8! The Lord is so good! So I came away with a TON of things for us and to resell.

So Gideon and Tirzah are sitting on the fold up couch I got...I also got these amazing outside trucks for $1 or less a piece...Gideon was ecstatic and has no more wish list. This also has given me the opportunity to take a bulldozer I spent $3 on at a yard sale (a bit high and I really questioned spending that) but it is remote control but Gideon has given me permission to sell that one since I got him so many other ones--so he won't ruin it outside some how. I have already gotten a buyer for $5 so in the long run I will have at least gotten my money back and almost paid for the trucks I bought as well. I also got a  Leap Frog refrigerator magnet set for $.25--my kids are enjoying that. I also got some dress up clothes, a little doctor kit for $.25, some blocks, some Cars for Gideon's birthday, a girl's lawn mower and a purse.
Notice her high heels that she wears like a pro??? My little girl!
 I also bought a chest freezer in the hopes that Joshua will get a deer that was $15...and it works! I also bought two dvd players for the van on long trips for $30...the nice thing is if I decided I didn't want the freezer or dvd players I could always get at least what I paid for them in reselling them.

Items I got to resell:                                                     What I paid                       What I sold it for
  • 3 booster seats                                                       $2.75
  • Dress up Clothes                                                    $10.00                                $10.00
  • Bath Seat                                                               $2.00                                  $10.00
  • Breast Pump                                                          $5.00
  • Pack n Play Co sleeper                                           $10.00                                $10.00
  • Cars                                                                      $4.00                                   $7.00
  • Bulldozer                                                               previous week                      $5.00
I spent a total of $39.00 (excluding dvd players and freezer) on items to resell and keep. So in keeping with my yard sale rule (I must be able to resell enough to cover at least what I spent) I have to at least get back the $39. In the second  column is listed what I have either sold it for or have it pending for sale. Keep in mind that some of these things I have taken items out of so I might not be making a lot but I got free items out of the group--like the dress up clothes I took what I wanted out of it and kept some to sell separately...the cars I took out a bunch to give to Gideon...and the co-sleeper I am selling at cost to my sister. So pretty much I'm doing great and I still have some things to sell...which will all be profit!

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